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© Mary Brazier

Travelling is my passion - photography has developed alongside. When I travel I have the leisure to wander around with an open mind observing the life around. Through my photographs I try to transmit the impression a certain place or atmosphere leaves on me  - deserted or with its people in their daily routines.

From 2014-2017 my home was in Tunisia where I had my first solo exhibition dedicated to the often neglected interior of that fascinating country in transition. After my return to Berlin, the pictures were shown in different places in Germany and a photobook was published in 2019. It can be purchased here.


Having the privilege to work and live in different countries, the focus of my work is travel photography, but recently I also experimented with portraits and story telling in my home town in Germany.




Museumscafé Alexandrowka, Potsdam

September 2021

Stadt - Land - Tunesien


City Hall Stuttgart

April - May 2022

House of the Bavarian Economy, Munich

November, 2019

Internationaler Club e.V. at the German Foreign Office, Berlin
October 2018

Bürgersaal, commune Wennigsen / Hannover

April - May 2018

German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG e.V.), Berlin

February - March 2018

Tunisia Inside Out

Musée de la ville de Tunis (Palais Kheireddine), Tunis, May 2017


I see through your dreams and mine

Booklet Sans,souci., project class of Joakim Eskildsen, Ostkreuzschule

Kiezkiosk Open Tiny , Berlin, Oct. 2022


with the series Fluchtpunkte, free project class Eva Bertram

Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin, Mai-Juni 2022

City portraits Tunis - Sidi Bouzid

Ten years after the "Arab spring"

a|e Galerie Potsdam, May - July 2021

Brandenburg Art Award  (Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis)

Exhibition of the finalists with photographs from the series Alexandrowka

Schloss Neuhardenberg, July - August 2020



Works of the seminar at the Osktreuzschule Berlin with Ina Schoenenburg

with photographs from the series Alexandrowka

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, February 2020

Footprints - nachhaltige Geschichten

Documentary photography on climate, energy, sustainability featuring

Tropical Potsdam

Kunstmarkthalle, Berlin, February - April 2020

Projekthof Karnitz, Germany, June - August 2020

Medina - tradition, heritage and identity

Musée de la ville de Tunis (Palais Kheireddine), Tunis, May 2016


"Indien - Eine fotografische Annäherung" - Blog article, 2022 
"Namibia - Afrika für Anfänger" - Blog article, 2021
"Tunisa Inside Out" - Photobook, 2020


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