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Berlin - Ick liebe Dir

As most of you know I moved to Potsdam three years ago and not to Berlin. And I do enjoy living in a smaller city with lots of nature and lakes around. Maybe that is why I enjoy even more taking a regional train to the capital from time to time. Even when going there for work "only" and by car (because of the pandemic) I discovered the beauty of early morning light, of rain and some of the familiar sites look differently. You can debate at length whether Berlin is a beautiful city or not. Compared to classic German towns dating back to the medivals probably not, but it is dynamic and full of contrasts. And needless to say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

And so almost accidentally a few images began to find their way to one and another - maybe as the beginning of a little series ?

I took them because I liked something in the atmosphere, early morning light or the way I felt I was rushing past a certain place. And yes, probably I took them because I felt that at this very moment Berlin was beautiful. I developed them a little popart-like and I would like to hear your opinion !

I also gave some as a present printed on little tiles to a friend and they also work as postcards (as I said before - photographs have to be brought to life resp. printed). So maybe this is the beginning of a new unexpected love story between me and my city of birth to which I have always had a rather ambiguous relationship.

- Click on the pictures to enlarge -

In terms of equipment there is one more thing: I took most of them with a standard smartphone (Samsung J5) because I had not planned to take pictures. Yes, they might not be perfect technically, but they have an emotional expression. And they prove that the camera is not so important. It is a tool. This is also why I would like to recommend a blog about travelling and photography I do like and where you can find an article about the importance (or rather little importance) of the technical equipment in order to take good photographs. The only disadvantage of that blog to some of you is that it is in German - but give it a try:

Enjoy spring time and got out to there to discover !


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