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Last March in Tunis....

Exactly one year ago I went to Tunis to present my photobook based on the exhibitions of my photographs in the Old City of Tunis in 2017 and in several German locations. The book presentation took place wiht the pandemic already looming and I am grateful that it could take place at all...

I made the book more for myself to have a compact memory of the three years I spent in Tunisia, but of course I am happy to know that people whom I know or don't know buy it. It is also meant for tourists who want a different view of Tunisia apart the beach ressorts.

As the tourism sector suffers most from the pandemic, so does my book in the Tunisian bookstores well garded by the local cats ;-)

If you are still interested in the book, it is available on Amazon or directly on my website (photobook). It focuses on the interior of the country and I generally avoided images of the sea and the beaches, but I made a few execptions since 1000 km of coastline cannot not be completely neglected. The first two photographs were taken on the small island of Kerkennah which is maybe less famous for beaches but interesting in terms of fishing techniques. The third one shows the old port in Bizerte and the last one was taken from the other side of the bay of Tunis, in Hammam Lif, off-season.

Since we are all tired of the lock-down enjoy them as a little outlook towards possible summer holidays.

Enjoy the spring time!


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