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New perspectives ...

In photography perspective is an important tool to create depth, to change the usual way of looking at the world or to present a well-known motif from a different angle. But today I want to tell you a story about perspective in a broader sense: new perspectives in life.

The story goes from Tunis (again) to Brussels and back to Tunis. It is the story about how I met Jan, a Belgian photographer.

In October 2018 I took part in a photo workshop in Brussels in the framework of the Brussels Street photography festival . It was a good opportunity to visit Brussels again, meet old friends and, at the festival, to listen to lectures of known photographers and look at their exhibitions. At the workshop, a Belgian guy started showing some pictures he had taken in Tunis during the last years. All of a sudden, I saw my house in rue Amérique, where I had lived for three years, on the screen! I exclaimed “That’s my house!” and everybody turned their head looking in surprise at me. I still could not believe it.

Jan had been travelling to Tunis for several years and made a great book with impressions from the streets of Tunis. The house with the guardian’s booth in front attracted his attention, not the least because of the fine contrast in colour. So here is the Jan’s photograph:

We stayed in contact and met again in Tunis, where Jan presented his book in autumn 2019. Take a look at the book and his website here:

We exchanged tips and information on book printing and selling since I was preparing my photobook about the interior of Tunisia. It was great to share the same interest and to learn from each other. It was not the first time that thanks to photography I met new people and gained a new perspective (on photography, on Tunis). And even made a new friend. This can happen only when you try out new things and leave the "comfort zone". I can only encourage everyone to do so from time to time, it gives a push to your work and to your life and - yes - a new perspecitve !

Enjoy, Petra

P.S. And here is a photograph of the booth with my favourite guardian savouring his iftar meal during Ramadan. And since this year's Ramadam has just begun - Happy Ramadan - Ramadan kareem to my Muslim friends !

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